We work with advisors and your clients to help them better our community. The MCF knows that by pooling resources we can help make a bigger impact on the community. We can also provide tax advantages on all gifts.

Advantages of working with the MCF:

Donors Can Start Their Own Charitable Fund:
Through the MCF, an individual, family, company, foundation, or charitable organization can establish funds tailored to general or specific interests. Your clients will find it’s easy to become a philanthropist.

Create A Lasting Symbol:
Donors may choose any name for their fund, and grants awarded will always be recorded in that name, a lasting legacy for a client. Should your client desire anonymity, the MCF will protect that identity.

Take Advantage of Significant Tax Savings:
As a public charity, the MCF offers the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving. Your clients may contribute cash, publicly traded stock, mutual funds, real estate, insurance policies, or tangible personal property and receive the maximum tax benefit according to IRS rules.

Benefit from Professional Management:
Foundation funds are invested in a balanced portfolio that produces funds for grant making while providing for asset growth and security of principal.

A volunteer Board of Trustees comprised of community leaders sets policy and approves all grants. Board members are appointed for rotating three-year terms.

  • An Investment Committee oversees the investment of the Foundation’s assets and a Grant Committee reviews all competitively awarded grant applications and makes recommendations to the board for final approval.
  • Donors who establish named funds receive periodic reports on their fund’s progress showing additions to the fund, income earned, and grant payments made.
  • A low administrative fee covers all fund management and periodic reporting – 95 percent or more of your client’s gift goes where it should, to the community.





Making a bequest in a will to the MCF is a simple way to donate and it can also help to reduce inheritance taxes. Some highly taxable assets, such as retirement plans, often make sense to donate to charity while leaving other assets to loved ones.  Any percentage, part or component of estate or trust assets can be left to the MCF and we are very grateful for each and every gift.

When your client makes a gift to the MCF through their will or trust agreement, they can choose to benefit the entire community, a specific cause, a program/organization or scholarship fund.

We want to recognize your clients for their generosity during their lifetimes as members of The Spruce Society.  Learn more about the Spruce Society.

See an example of the language used to make a bequest to MCF:

Bequest Sample Text