Conceived to provide a vehicle for funding community projects...




In 1989, the vision of long-time Montrose resident, Cliff Baldridge, led to the establishment of the Montrose Rotary Club Youth Foundation. With partners Curt Robinson, Steve Mathis, and Kelvin Kent, an initial investment of $300, and an in-kind donation of legal services, the Foundation was conceived to provide a vehicle for funding community projects. In 2006, the name was changed to the Montrose Community Foundation to better describe the support the Foundation gave to the community as a whole.

From humble beginnings, the Montrose Community Foundation has experienced remarkable growth.

Assets have reached an all-time high, including an unrestricted endowment fund actively managed by an Investment Policy Committee and the Board.  This endowment provides income to be returned to the community each year through a competitive grant cycle.

Today, the Montrose Community Foundation serves the agenda of the community by providing capacity-building workshops for nonprofit organizations, scholarships to deserving students, community service recognition programs, partnership for community initiatives, and grants to nonprofits.



The mission of the Montrose Community Foundation is to connect charitable donors and volunteers to community causes.



 The Foundation achieves its vision and mission by:

  • Expanding the capacity of community organizations by providing grants, networking opportunities, and educational offerings.
  • Serving as a neutral convener in the community to enable members in the community to address needs and issues.
  • Encouraging estate and legacy giving while building and managing permanent endowment funds.
  • Developing leadership in the community.
  • Incubating qualifying community projects and partnerships.



The vision of the Montrose Community Foundation is to grow a strong community.