Partnership, funding, capacity-building and long-term sustainability – the MCF offers support to nonprofit organizations in our region in the following ways:


At the heart of the Montrose Community Foundation is our granting program.  This completes the cycle linking generosity with giving.  To date, through our general grant cycle, more than half a million dollars have been directed into the hands of community organizations to further their efforts in Montrose and the surrounding area. The MCF has an annual grant cycle as well as opportunities for immediate needs grants requests as well.

Learn more about granting opportunities provided through the MCF.


Nonprofits recognize the importance of sustainability and building endowments that support the future of their organizations.  The MCF works with nonprofit organizations to establish endowment funds and invests the assets, providing responsible fund management. The goal of an agency fund is to provide long-term support by distributing the fund’s earnings back to your organization. Having an agency fund with the MCF also allows for an easy way to accept contributions from donors like gifts of stock, bequests and life insurance policies. Learn more.


The MCF works with organizations like Community Resource Center (CRC) and the Colorado Nonprofit Association and many others to offer training opportunities throughout the year. Topics are relevant to nonprofit organizations and in the past have included financial management, board training, fundraising, advocacy and strategic planning. Upcoming training opportunities are listed on our website and if you have any suggestions for trainings, please contact the MCF at 249-3900.


The MCF provides professional accounting and administrative services for organizations to help them focus on fulfilling their missions and to give them assistance with managing their financial administration.  Fiscal Sponsorship clients establish funds to hold their operating dollars, and the MCF processes all gifts and disbursements, records all accounting transactions and provides monthly financial reports. To determine if a charitable partnership may exist, please review the MCF’s Fiscal Sponsorship information and complete the Fiscal Sponsorship Application. Applications will be reviewed by the MCF Board at regular board meetings.