When you include the MCF in your estate plan, you make a charitable gift, enjoy tax benefits and are also eligible for membership in The Spruce Society. The Spruce Society honors donors who have named the MCF in their estate plans, either by will designation or through another deferred gift.

The Spruce Society acknowledges donors’ commitment to the future—today.

Making a legacy gift reflects ongoing commitment to our community and the causes donors value most. These gifts are vital to the future of our community.

Members of The Spruce Society Receive

  • Invitations to MCF and donor events
  • Information on estate planning and charitable giving
  • Recognition as a Spruce Society member in the Annual Report and on our website

If you have included MCF in your charitable plans and would like to be added to The Spruce Society:


“When one reflects on what has been important to them throughout their lifetime, there are several things that will usually come to mind . . . family, friends, church, school–and another is community.  That’s what the Spruce Society is all about.  It provides the opportunity to create a lasting legacy.”

~Jim Kitchell