Connecting volunteers to true needs in our community is now easier than ever!  Thanks to a partnership with the Montrose Community Foundation, the City of Montrose, the Montrose Regional Library District and the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) are making connections happen in our community.

Brenda Miller with Roubideau Rim Wildlife Rescue wrote to us after posting a volunteer opportunity:

“The Volunteer Connection website worked for me!  I received a call this morning from a volunteer willing to transport wildlife for medical care.  Thank you for providing this service.  It helps build a better community!”

If you are an organization looking for quality individuals to allow you to better serve the needs of our community, please post your openings here.  Please keep in mind these guidelines:

  • Volunteer postings are subject to approval by the site administrator and will not immediately appear on this site.
  • Postings are most effective when they are specific.  Include helpful information such as:  position title, work location, purpose of the position, responsibilities/duties, necessary qualifications, commitment expected, required training, and other relevant information.
  • Don’t forget to include your website.  We will provide a direct link to your site to allow potential volunteers to learn more about your organization.
  • All postings require an expiration date.  It is important that these postings stay current.
  • By submitting your information here, volunteer postings will be “physically” posted on the Volunteer Kiosk at the Montrose Library increasing your exposure to potential volunteers.


Fill out the form below to submit your volunteer opportunity. Once approved by the administrator, your posting will appear on the Volunteer Connection.

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